Security Screening System

X-ray Inspection

Autoclear’s direct transmission
X-ray inspection systems are user-friendly and feature-rich. With a range of tunnel sizes, conveyor speeds, capacities and footprints, there is an Autoclear X-ray screening solution for every application. Our X-ray scanners are reliable, accurate and easy to operate, and deliver consistent performance. Our exclusive image enhancement tools give operators the ideal amount of information needed to make clear and timely decisions.

4535 X-ray Inspection System


100100B X-ray Inspection system

100100B-DV X-ray Inspection system

150150B X-ray Inspection system

5333 X-ray Inspection system

Backscatter X-ray

The cross-enhancement difference
Our unique multi-energy backscatter design uses a single X-ray generator to produce a precise, pixel-by-pixel overlay of a transmission and a backscatter during a single scan; the best data from both images are processed by our proprietary cross-enhancement software. Both enhanced images appear on a single monitor display. Threats and contraband are shown in bright color to make areas of concern easier to identify, which facilitates faster and more confident decision-making the Autoclear approach to backscatter delivers:

• A simpler design for better performance
• Easier image analysis
• Better ergonomics for increased operator comfort and confidence
All Autoclear backscatter systems are equipped with a full suite of image enhancement tools to give operators every possible advantage when scrutinizing objects for threats.

100100BZD Multi-energy

6444BZD Multi-energy

8880BZD Multi-energy

Trace Detection

Explosives and narcotics trace detection by Scintrex
With the broadest range of narcotics and explosives trace detectors available, Scintrex Trace’s pioneering trace technologies are preferred by security professionals. These highly sensitive and specific trace detectors are designed to keep false alarm rates low while rapidly finding microscopic particle and vapor traces of illicit substances. A global leader in explosives, chemical and narcotics detection, Scintrex Trace is Autoclear’s Canadian-based trace detection division. Their trace technologies include:
• Gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry
• Ion mobility spectrometry
• Chemiluminescence
• Gas chromatography-chemiluminescence
• Gas chromatography-surface ionization detection
• Thermo redox







Metal Detection

Dependable target detection
Fed-Labs metal detection equipment secures high-traffic, high-risk venues such as government buildings, correctional facilities, airports, power plants, and schools. From portals capable of spotting hard-to-find weapons and threats as small as a needle to a selection of versatile handheld units, these detectors deliver outstanding performance. Whether performing routine high-traffic entry and exit screening to searching for hidden weapons or preventing theft, there’s a Fed-Labs metal detector that meets the most rigorous target discrimination and throughput specifications.
These metal detectors feature:
Low false alarm rates Digital circuitry that minimizes RF interference Column and flat panel styles Ergonomic handheld designs

9000C Portal

9000P Portal