Military-Optimized Helmet Camera

• Made in USA
• The curve-lock base of the camera matches the shape of a tactical helmet and could be mounted easily and securely
• Ruggedized – 2 meters drop test
• Dual Capture – Simultaneously take photos while recording video
• 140 degree non-distorted field of view
• IR & Night Vision
• Auto low light adjustment
• IP 68 water proof, & dust – repellent
• Vibration feedback
• Level image in any position of the cam mounted on the helmet
• IOS & Android - Securely connect, control, & stream video wirelessly

Land Based Surveillance System

Falcon Eye was invented in cooperation with border guards in NATO and EU externalborder nations. It has been deployed in more than 30 countries in some of the mostremote terrain.

  • 400-day recharge able battery and encrypted radio communication donot require any supporting infrastructure and minimize userinterface with remote deloyments,
  • integrated cameras and sensors allow visual verification,
  • integration with other types of detection sensors and UAV’s,
  • small size facilitates concealment,
  • fast and easy to deploy in days and weeks,notyears,
  • superior close detection capabilities captures HD or betterimages.