Anti-Riot Equipment

Cutting edge design that combines comfort, security and functionality, we supply to the anti-riot units of various operational departments, is highly resistant and functional equipment, essential to carry in high-risk environments with an effective performance. It is made of rigid and flexible elements assembled together to form a lightweight, flame-retardant, easy to wear but impact resistant solution.
All the elements that compose the system have an ergonomic design that improves the officer’s performance following the natural body movements.
Leg and arm protections of the anti-riot equipment is developed in “Dure-flexy” a mix of polymers with high mechanical strength and flexibility which are shock absorbent and protect the body from external trauma.
We have range gives a wide selection of options for total body protection and safely guard those areas with higher trauma and injury risk such as upper and lower limbs. To guarantee the highest level of performance the anti-riot equipment has passed numerous laboratory tests and obtained VPAM certification with resistance to stab, cut and impact, proving to be at the top of the category.

Antiriot helmet

Mesh RIOT vest with “Molle”

Anti-riot knee pads.

Foot and ankle protection

Antiriot base vest neck protection

Anti-riot, anti-cutting and anti-trauma Vest

Shoulder and humerus padded protection

Anti-riot elbow polymer.